Dirty Girl 

Verse 1:            They say you and me were best friends for life
                      Grabbed my man by his collar and sucked him in
                        Pulled him down
                        Pushed him into your dark world
                        Girl you stole my man
                        Completed your plan
Pre-Chorus:      Gotta get out
                        Gotta move up
                        And pave the way
                        Iím making a statement for every girl thatís been in my place

Chorus:            I donít need no friend
                        Who would steal my man
                        Lost my girl, and she gained my man
                        And, Iím all alone again

                        I donít want no friend
                        Who would do me in
                        Please donít cry
                        You, dirty girl (dirty girl echo)

Verse 2:            Tell me why this had to end so crazy like this?
                        You snuck around behind my back, and
                        Instead of being honest
                        Made a promise to me, you kept Ďtill 18
                        You knocked the wind outta me
                        Set yourself free




Chorus:  3x

                                                All Rights Reserved © 2001 Black Scaredy Cat Music
                        Words and melody by Kelley Hagood
                                                Additional words by Sarah Luhrs
                                                Musical arrangement by Ernesto Phillips