Angel For Tonight 

Verse 1            The sky broke open
Heavenís light came pouring down
With your fiery whispers
My soul hit the ground

Verse 2            I was captured
Though it took me by surprise
Didnít know I could fall so quickly
Now all I want to do is fly

Chorus             So can you tell me, how to fly?
Give me wings. Iíll touch the sky
Can you open up my eyes?
An oh I, will be your angel for tonight
Iíd travel a million miles
Just to be in Heaven for a while

Verse 3            Take your string of passion
And place it in my hands
Wings of Heaven fall
On my back is where they land


Bridge              So baby Iíve tried to be there for you
With heavenly eyes youíve captured me to
And now Iím day dreaming, wishing for you
Just grant my wish.  I wanna fly too.  (ooh, ooh)

Chorus             Repeat last line 2X


                        Lyrics and music by Kelley Hagood and Meghann Langford
All rights reserved Ė Published by Black Scaredy Cat Music
© 2001