Beat of Your Heart                            

CHORUS:                              And it's the beat of your heart
                that life can go on
                It's the touch of your hand
                And I am so torn
                between what I have
                and want even more
                And it's the beat of your heart
                that makes me feel so reborn               

VERSE 1:                                I love the wayya hold me
                in your arms I feel so right
                                                I love the wayya touch me
                and whisper goodnight
                I love the wayya make me smile
                and every little thing you say                                                               

(spoken)                                                I love the way you looked at me
(spoken)                                                when ya told me you'd stay  

PRE-CHORUS:                      Think of the love we share
Think of how much we care
                Wanted you from the start


VERSE 2:                                I love the wayya use walk with me
                holdin' me so near                                                                            
                I love when I got scared
                You kissed away my fears                                                      
                I hate you when I need you most
                You're so very far away                                                                  

(spoken)                                             I need you when the pain is real
(spoken)                                             and it hurts more each day                                                         



BRIDGE:                                The beat, the's the beat of your heart (4X)                                               



                                       Word and Music by Kelley Hagood
                                                 Additional Words by Cori Harding,
                                Additional Words and Music by Dennis Balin  
                                                 Arrangement by Dennis Balin (Driftwood Studios)
                                                Arrangement by Chris Davis (21st Street Studios)

                                                               All Rights Reserved  2000 Scarey Cat Music