I Can't Breathe 

Verse 1                   Standing alone, without you beside me
I have found so much I can do by myself
And you'll never know cause your lost without me
You have nothing compared to what I've found in Him
So why, so why am I so desperate for my man?

Chorus                   I can't breathe (no..ooh)
I can't sleep
'cause baby you took it all away from me
And I've lost my hope
I can't find my way
so baby won't you please take my hand and guide me through another day 

Verse 2                   Nights so sleepless, and I doubt you know
You walked away in love with someone else
I might not be that pretty and I'm sure not like her
But I've got something, its deep within my heart
So please, so please touch these lips before I fall apart 


Bridge                    And these endless tears are pouring out for you
And I'm dying inside loving you
I'm crying for you
I'm dying for you
I'm pleading for you
to come back to me 


                                                                                Music and Lyrics by Kelley Hagood                                                                                                                                                                          All Rights Reserved  2000 Scarey Cat Music