Chargin' down the field, heart poundin' in my chest.
Mom's cheerin', "Come on Girl!"  I'm dyin' for a breath.
Cradlin' the ball with my weapon of choice.
Mouth piece in my jaw as I'm chargin' toward the crease.

Chorus : Na Na Na Na  NaNaNaNaNa LAX
  Talkin' 'bout LAX Girl, Talkin' 'bout LAX World

Tapin' up my ankles, grease paint on my face.
Rollin' up my shirtsleeves, tightenin' my shoelace.

Nursin' on my water bottle, fidgetin' with my hair.
Targetin' the other team's captain, givin’ her the evil stare- evil eye.


Referee's upset, hey-ey.  She carded me again.
You'd think aggressive play-ay was the original sin.
Penalty flags are flyin' higher than my stats.
The other team is cryin’ those other girls are rats.


Score is 10 to 10. Time is all but spent
I'm shootin’ for the win.  The trophy is at risk.
Goalie blocks my shot, ball bounces toward my knees.
I scoop and pitch the rock underhanded through her feet.


(All rights reserved - Scaredy Cat Publishing 1999)