More than Friends 

Verse 1:            Sometimes I wake up in the darkness of night
I feel you body lying next to mine   
                         Another vision, one of my fantasies 

Pre-chorus:      Will it ever come true?
What can I do to deserve your love?

Am I near good enough?
Donít fall out of touch
Cause I gotta let you know that Ö

 Chorus:            I will love you for the rest of my live
And I will need you every day and time I cry
And no matter how it ends, or what begins
You will always, I will always, and we will always be more than friends

Verse 2:            Come a little closer
And look into my eyes
Am I the girl you dreamed of?
Did I catch you be surprise?
Twelve hundred miles only for a short time         



Bridge:             I canít offer you that much
But Iím here to make a vow
that forever Iíll be
                        your love eternally
that forever Iíll know how
                        to always make you smile
and to light your world on fire
and Iím here to say
that Iíll love you each and every day


                                                All Rights Reserved © 2001 Black Scaredy Cat Music
                        Lyrics and melody by Kelley Hagood

                        Musical Arrangement by Bill Dixon