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By Chanz Releases First Single, LAX Girl
(Washington, DC-March 29) 

By Chanz, a new teen female vocal group, has released their first cassette single, LAX Girl – LAX World.  The vocal group consists of Kelley Hagood and Marina Harrison who met “by chance” to form what is destined to become one of the most powerful teen female groups in pop music.  Hagood, 17 and a junior at Broad Run Senior High School, has played lacrosse since she was old enough to hold a stick.  She recently helped to launch the first high-school affiliated lacrosse club team in eastern Loudoun County, VA.  Harrison, 19, played youth lacrosse in Annapolis, Maryland and is currently a freshman at the University of Maryland at College Park where she is majoring in communications. 

LAX Girl tells the story of a girl’s lacrosse game from the player’s point of view.  The song captures the intensity of a lacrosse game and expresses a player’s passion for the sport.  From the very first verse, LAX Girl captures the action and excitement of a lacrosse game with authentic lyrics like: 

            Chargin’ down the field, heart poundin’ in my chest.
Mom’s cheerin’, “Come on girl!”  I’m dyin’ for a breath.

Cradlin’ the ball with my weapon of choice,
Mouth piece in my jaw as I’m chargin’ toward the crease.

Hagood originally recorded LAX Girl on an inexpensive boom box in the attic of her in Cape Cod-style home in Annapolis in the summer of 1999.  Then, in November of 1999, By Chanz took LAX Girl into the studio and recorded the song professionally with the help of Ernesto Phillips at Pearl Studios in Columbia, MD.  Phillips is the President of Longevity Records.  He has also discovered other local vocal talents such as Toni Braxton and Kimberly Scott.  Phillips was a former member of the R&B group Star Point who recorded a gold album and penned such hits as Object of My Desire in the 1980s.  He developed the music track for LAX Girl and provided vocal coaching for the members of By Chanz along with Miss Renee Diggs, another former Star Point vocalist. 

Hagood and Harrison have been performing LAX Girl live at girl’s lacrosse tournaments and clinics throughout Maryland and Virginia.  They have performed the song before nearly 1,000 girls and their coaches and have received very positive feedback.  When asked how lacrosse players are responding to LAX Girl, Hagood said, “…the girls are thrilled and very excited that they finally have a song about the sport they love… a song to call their own.”  She understands that many coaches and players are using the song to warm up during practice and before games.   Hagood also said, “I can just imagine lacrosse players chanting the song’s lyrics as they march onto the lacrosse field to do battle during the game.” And Harrison said, “the beat is infectious…I find myself humming the melody all the time.”  By Chanz will be performing LAX Girl live during the two largest lacrosse tournaments in the country, LAX Max 2000 and Lax Splash 2000, both located in the Baltimore area in the first and second weekends of June. 

Both Harrison and Hagood clearly have bright futures in the music business.  Harrison said, “I am just following my dream and very focused on improving my vocal abilities at this time.”   Hagood is positive the group will receive national attention someday.  Last December, while scarfing down some Chinese food with her dad, she opened her fortune cookie and discovered the following prediction, “The world is always ready to receive talent with open arms.”  Her father’s fortune read, “Start believing in your dreams and others will catch the fever.”  It appears that lacrosse players everywhere are starting to catch “By Chanz” fever now that they have a national lacrosse anthem, LAX Girl-LAX World, to call their own. 

LAX Girl was published by Scaredy Cat Music (c 1999) and released on Ground Zero Records (GZR) label.  GZR is a small independent record company.  To learn more about LAX Girl and see several additional photographs of By Chanz, check out their web page at, click the Pop music category, and type By Chanz.  Copies of the tape can be ordered from the web page or by calling (703) 723-1176.