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By Chanz sends Planet Club teens into orbit 

Cheering fans greeted By Chanz, the teen female vocal group, after each of their performances this past weekend at The Planet club, a teen night club in Chantilly, VA.  The vocal group sings pop music laced with a tinge of R&B.  

By Chanz, started their one hour set with a choreographed dance routine to the cover tune Everybody (Backstreets Back) made famous by the Backstreet Boys and concluded with TLCs No Scrubs.  Sandwiched in between they performed other crowd pleasing favorites. Both of these songs were delivered by front member Vanessa Vosteen, 14, who displayed an unusually mature and classy stage presence for one so young.  Lauren Smallwood, 13, the youngest member of the group delivered outstanding rap/hip hop performances of Eminem's Slim Shady and Forgot About Dre.  Smallwood has set a goal to become the youngest white female rap artist and would appear to be well on her way.   

The real moments of genius though were the original tunes penned by a member of By Chanz. After several dance tunes the members of By Chanz performed a melodic mid-tempo song entitled Beat of Your Heart written by veteran founding member Kelley Hagood, 17, along with a Broad Run High School chum, Cori Harding, also 17.  Hagood introduced the song by saying she had written the chorus but was having trouble finding the right lyrics for the song's two verses until she read a poem written by Harding.  The song recently won an honorable mention in the Grand Slam Song Writing Contest, a national event sponsored by Music Connection Magazine of LA and the Sam Ash Music Megastores.  By Chanz also performed the original song, Someday You'll Be Mine, written by the group's manager.  The song describes a teenager who is having trouble mustering the courage to tell a love interest about the attraction felt.  The crowd responded enthusiastically to the song's chorus which laments: 

                I know someday you'll be mine
We'll be together all the time
And I know everything will be fine
But, then you walk by again. 

Hagood sung lead with a beautiful and emotionally moving performance, but it was the harmonies delivered with precision by Sarah Luhrs that enhanced the song's moody melody and provided a richer sound.  Another original song penned by Hagood, I Can't Breathe, described the feelings experienced by a teen girl when she sees her former boyfriend with his new girlfriend.  "The song is about feeling discarded," said Hagood.  The chorus intones: 

                I can't breathe (no..ooh)
I can't sleep
'cause baby you took it all away from me
And I've lost my hope
I can't find my way
so baby won't you please take my hand and guide me through another day 

By Chanz will be performing at First Night Leesburg on December 31, 2000 at the Loudoun County Board of Education Building Auditorium at 6:00, 8:00, and 10:00 PM.  After the show, By Chanz will autograph free publicity pictures for anyone who came to see them perform.  To see photographs and learn more about By Chanz go to their web page at