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By Chanz adds final singer to Teen Female Vocal Group 

Amanda Szott, 15, recently joined By Chanz, the teen female vocal group based in Loudoun County, VA.  Szott, a high school freshman, attends school at nearby Westfield High in neighboring Fairfax County.   

"Szott is an amazing vocalist with a broad range, and great vocal control," says By Chanz founding member, Kelley Hagood, 18, who is the eldest teen in the five member vocal group whose ages range from 13 to 18.  Hagood believes Szott must be a gifted vocalist, since Szott has never had a single vocal lesson, but can sing competitively with the other teen vocalists you might hear on the radio with names like Britney, Brandy, Jessica, and Mandy.  "Her talent and vocal abilites are a natural gift that few singers are born with," says the group's manager.

Szott has been a member of Virginia's All-State honor choir and is a member of the Westfield High School show choir.  Her favorite vocalists include Christina Aguilera, Whitney Houston and groups like 'N SYNC, and She Daisy.  Her other musical influences include Frank Sinatra and Karen Carpenter.

Although Szott has only been a member of the group for two weeks she has already attended three rehearsals and performed with By Chanz on a television show taped last week for a Fairfax Channel 10 comedy show called The Nooz.  By Chanz worked with Ana and Rick Sapp, the shows producers, to videotape four original songs, two penned by Hagood and two written by the group's manager.  The songs will air beginning in April for the next four months on Fairfax Channel 10.  In addition to being a talented vocalist, Szott is also a songwriter.  She recently penned a song, Forget About You, which record producer Ernesto Phillips, President of Longevity Records, is considering recording on the group's demo CD.

Szott, Hagood and the other members of By Chanz, Sarah Luhrs, 14, Vanessa Vosteen, 14, and Lauren Smallwood, 13 are busy preparing for their next performance at the Upper Room, a family-oriented teen coffee house at 27 South King Street in Leesburg, VA.  By Chanz will perform at the Upper Room on Saturday March 24, 2001 at 8:30 PM.   The teen vocal group will also perform at the Leesburg Flower and Garden Festival on Saturday April 21, 2001 at 1:00 PM.

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