Sweet Maxine
Verse 1
She was walkin’ down the street
Lookin’ for something
With her booty skirt, she like to flirt
If you know what I mean
And the way she moves
her hips to the beat
She blows your mind, every time
She hits Broadway Street
But she’s only a day over fourteen
So here’s the story of Sweet Maxine
She’s the girl that you wanna be
On the cover of magazines (but your not her)
And you’re dying to be
You’re picture perfect is what it seems
But don’t be fooled by magazines
Platinum hair, skin-tight jeans
Appearance isn’t everything
If you look deep in her eyes
her past is full of lies
No one knows the small secrets of this girl’s mind

At the age of nine her mom and dad died
Alone in time
Her make-up hides all the lines


Lyrics and melody by Kelley Hagood
© 2002 Black Scaredy Cat Music – All rights reserved