What, What Did I Say? 

Iím wishing for the best, but youíre bringing me down
And weíre not meant to be.  Look, Iím giving you back your ring
And all your little lies been running through my head
Here and now the truth will exist

Chorus: Baby, guess what?  Time to break up
            The playaís skills didnít last all day
            Iím not a bet you met
            Iím nobodyís number two, Ďspecially you

Chorus: What, what did I say?
            Iím tired of the games you brought my way
            And what, what did I say?
            Iím through, Iím done, whatever baby
            Emotions going wild, I got to be controlled
            Step up and be bold (Show me what you got)

Every little day you keep walking on by (Oh Yeah)
Yeah my front door
And open knock knock bye bye (Donít, donít, donít even try)

Candy-coated dreams stopped back long ago

So get away By Chanz show Ďem how it goes

What, What did I say?
I wonít play, though, you will pay (Aha)
It turned to be death, what you did, what you said
It was all a lie so bye bye, baby
You canít mess with me no more
Cuz you ainít got what Iím looking for
I donít know why I liked you at all
And by the way, donít call (uh uh uh uh uh)
Now I know how to make you shut your mouth
I got a new man, he knows what its all about
You can say whatever you feel
But your lies wonít last all year
I wish I could hit you right on the spot
Oh, Ok give me what you got
I used to like you a lot
But as you can see, we will never be
So tell meÖWhatíd I say?

Lyrics and music by Lauren Smallwood and Kelley Hagood