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Lauren Elise opens for the Push Stars in the New Year
Lauren opened for a special acoustic performance by the Push Stars in Ashburn, VA on January 8, 2005.  She performed three original songs that she had written and recorded to a packed house concert that was designed as a local fundraising event for the Push Stars.  Afterwards, she posed for pictures with group.  From left are Ryan MacMillan, Chris Trapper, Lauren and Dan McLouglin.  The Push Stars sang scores of their classic songs, many of which are not often heard performed in concert.  They also treated fans to a new song performed for the first time. A good time was had by everyone, band and fans alike. 

2 By Chanz Songs are Semifinalists in Dallas Songwriters Contest
Logan Kelley
was recently notified that two of her songs have been selected as semi-finalists in the Dallas Songwriters Association (DSA) 2004 Song Contest.  More Than Friends written by Kelley and Beat of Your Heart co-written with Cori Harding and Dennis Balin were selected in the Love Songs/E-Z Listening category.  To see all the semifinalist selections, go to the DSA website ( and click on the DSA2004 Song Contest Semi-finalist Announcement. The winners will be announced on December 4th, so keep your fingers crossed!  Check the web site for an update in early December. 

Adelphia's Loudoun Channel 3 Cancels Backstage Loudoun Television Show
Due to some recent resignations Loudoun Channel 3 has cancelled its Backstage Loudoun show.  The producer, Tom Nauer, indicated that  there was not enough staff to produce all oft he shows and this one was cancelled.   Unfortunately, Kelley was not able to film her segment before the decision to cancel the show was made.  Only those segments already filmed will be aired.

Kelley to Perform on Adelphia's Loudoun Channel 3 Backstage Loudoun Television Show
Look for Logan Kelley to perform on Loudoun Channel 3's Backstage Loudoun TV show, which features local musicians and songwriters.  Her interview and performance should appear during the weeks of August 24- September 6, 2004..  She will perform four to five of her newest songs, Hold On, When the World Lands on Top of You, and Its Gonna Be Ok..  Kelley will film the segment of Backstage Loudoun the weekend of August 21-22, 2004.  She will be accompanied by Joey Bouza, a member of a local rock band who also performed with her at the Reston Festival in July.

Kelley Interviewed on Fairfax Radio WEBR
On Thursday July 15, 2004 Logan Kelley was interviewed on Fairfax Radio station WEBR.  Six of Kelley's original songs were played throughout the show.  Kelley was interviewed throughout the show and asked  tell why she wrote each song and list the songwriting awards each song had won .  You can hear WEBR on Cox Cable of Fairfax, VA and Comcast Cable of Reston, VA.  You can HEAR the radio station and you can SEE a community bulletin board. On Cox Cable, WEBR can be found on digital cable channel 37, basic cable channel 7. On Comcast Cable, WEBR can be heard on channel 27. The web address is and then click on the WEBR icon. Or, go to and click on the WEBR icon. 

Logan Kelley to Perform at Reston Festival 
On Saturday July 10, 2004, Logan Kelley performed at the Reston Festival.  This year the festival was held at the Reston Town Center.  Kelley's performance began at 10:50 AM on the main stage.  Kelley sang award-winning favorites as well as some new songs.  She was accompanied on guitar by Joey Bouza, a member of a local rock group. She performed several new songs including the song, When the World Lands on Top of You, for the first time.

Lauren Elise Offering Drama and Vocal Training
During the summer of 2004 in June and August, Lauren will working in the musical drama camps at the Rising Star Academy located at 44031 Asburn Village Blvd. in Ashburn, VA.  Lauren will also offer vocal lessons through the academy.  For more information about these camps or receiving vocal lessons, go the academy's web site located at or call Rising Star Academy at (703) 723-9292.

Kelley Wins First Place in Adult Contemporary Category in first month of the Song the Year Contest
Logan Kelley's song, Forgotten Memories, won first place in the "Adult Contemporary" category during the first month of the 2004 Song of the Year Contest.  Her song will compete against other monthly winners for the title of song of the year. Her song was rated in seven categories including quality of the lyrics, music, melody, title, structure, marketability, and emotional response and received a score of 65 out of a possible 70 points. The reviewer of the song said that "this somber tune gave me chills and stirred my emotions.  I can feel the initial passion and eminent pain.  A work of Art!"  To hear this remixed version of the song and learn more about other winners go to , click on News/Updates , Click here for January's Winners, and look in the Adult Contemporary category, and click on the songs title Forgotten Memories.  This song contest benefits the VH-1 "Save the Music" Foundation.

Lauren Elise Wins Battle of the Bands Contest!
On Friday January 16, 2004, Lauren performed in a "Battle of the Bands Contest" sponsored by the organization Loudoun Uniting Community and Youth (LUCY) and won the contest.  She sang four original songs and two covers.  The event was scheduled to celebrate the end of finals week in Loudoun County's high schools. It began at 2:00 PM and occurred at Izaak Walton Park on King Street in Leesburg.  Lauren performed from 2:15-2:45 PM.  She overcame stiff competition from three other bands including Oskama, Booboisie and Eponymous.  Please sign the By Chanz Guestbook and send Lauren a message of congratulations!  Way to go Lauren!

Web Site Visited 10,000 Times
The By Chanz website has been visited 10,000 times since it began in 2000. E-mail the web site address,, to 10 friends so they can learn about the vocal group.

Kelley Scores Top Songwriter Award in Billboard Song Contest
Logan Kelley was recently recognized as one of the top songwriters in the 11th Annual 2003 Billboard Magazine Song Contest. Her song, Forgotten Memories, co-written with Olivia Laliberte, received a score high enough to place her in the top 500. In the early 1990s there were over 50,000 songs submitted during this contest. This would place her song in the top 1% of all songs submitted. The song was rated against 10 criteria such as the opening, hook, lyrics, melody, and rhythm/tempo used to create a mood. The song was deemed to be "exceptionally strong and considered to be commercially appealing." Congratulations to Logan and Olivia!

Kelley to Audition at Nashville's Bluebird Cafe
On Sunday September 7, 2003 Logan Kelley will audition at Nashville's famous Bluebird Cafe. This is the legendary location when many nationally known songwriters such as Garth Brooks got their start. The Bluebird is a very special place where crowds gather to hear songwriters perform their original compositions in either a showcase or songwriters in-the-round forum. In a few weeks Kelley will learn the results of her audition and may have the opportunity to perform in-the-round with a few other select songwriters some time next Spring.

Logan Kelley to Perform at Countryside Summer Concert
On Friday June 20, 2003, Logan Kelley will perform for the third time in as many years at the Countryside Summer Concert Series in Sterling, VA. Kelley will perform some of her new original songs like Today and It's Gonna Be OK.  Opening for Kelley will be special guest, Lauren Smallwood, the teen rap/hip-hop artist from Leesburg, VA. Smallwood will also perform two new songs she has written and recorded recently. The free concert will take place from 7:00-9:00 PM at the Parkway Grounds at 5 Algonkian Parkway in Sterling, VA. Bring a lawn chair, picnic basket, and some cold drinks and enjoy an evening of contemporary pop music underneath the stars.

By Chanz Returns to Round Hill Center
Donít miss your first chance to see the first By Chanz concert of the year!
  On Saturday January 4, 2003, By Chanz will return to the Round Hill Center located at 20 High Street in Round Hill, VA to give a concert of their original songs starting at 6:00 PM.  Youíll hear new songs like Today, Get off Me, Sweet Maxine and Hear It.  You will also hear their award-winning songs Angel For Tonight, Beat of Your Heart and What, What Did I Say? plus many others.  After the performance, By Chanz will sign copies of their new publicity picture and have CDs for sale. Admission is $5. Last year this venue was a sell out so call (540) 338-7973 to reserve your tickets.  For more information about, contact Jeffrey Stern at (540) 338-7973. 

By Chanz Performed at the Tally Ho Theatre
On December 19, 2002 By Chanz performed a dozen songs at the Tally Ho Theatre in historic Leesburg.   Fans danced to songs at the foot of the stage.  Lauren opened the concert with her new dance song Hear It.  Tom Smallwood accompanied Kelley on his guitar as she performed her new song, Today.  And rappers Cheedee and Steve added their own original rap parts to the songs Man and Dirty Girl.

Web Site Visited 8,000 Times
In just under two years the By Chanz web site has been visited over 8,000 times. Check the web site often to keep up with Kelley, Sarah and Lauren.  E-mail the web site address, , to 10 friends so they can learn about the vocal group.

3 By Chanz Songs are Semifinalists in Dallas Songwriters Contest
By Chanz
was recently notified that three of their songs have been selected as semi-finalists in the Dallas Songwriters Association (DSA) 2002 Song Contest.  Forgotten Memories was selected in the Singer-Songwriter category, and Sweet Maxine and What, What Did I Say? were selected in Pop/Rock/R&B category.  To see all the semifinalist selections, go to the DSA website ( and click on the DSA2002 Song Contest Semi-finalist Announcement. The winners will be announced on December 7th, so keep your fingers crossed!  Check the web site for an update in early December. 

Angel For Tonight Wins Song Contest Award
The song Angel for Tonight, written by Kelley Hagood and Meghann Langford, has won a song contest award for the third time. First, the song won first place in the "Country" category of the BOSAs songwriting contest, then it was one of three winers in the WIHT HOT 99.5 "Mark Anthony's Big Break" songwriting contest. Now the song has won an "Award of Merit" for songwriting excellence in the Paramount Group's Fall Song Contest. Paramount Group is located on Music Row in Nashville, TN. Congratulations to Kelley and Meghann!

By Chanz Music Reviewed in Alexandriaís Old Town Crier
If you are in Alexandria, VA in November pick up the local Old Town Crier.  Youíll find a By Chanz music review written by Diane Gibbs.

By Chanz to Perform January 4th
Mark your calendars!  By Chanz will perform on Saturday January 4, 2003 at the Round Hill Center in Round Hill, VA.  Last year over 200 people attended the By Chanz performance at Round Hill.  Some fans stood in line for over an hour to snatch a signature on a publicity picture.

Lauren Performs at Y Tour Competition
On September 22nd By Chanzí own Lauren Smallwood performed during the Y Tour Competition, to determine who would open for the Y Tour concert featuring Ashanti, Hoobastank, and Fat Joe.  The competition took place at the George Mason Patriot Center.  Fourteen solo artists and bands competed for the top spot.  Lauren performed her recently recorded song Hear It and Get Off Me.  Although Lauren received two rousing rounds of applause from the crowd who appreciated her performances it was not enough to win the top opening spot.  Pictured from left to right are Lauren, Roach (the DC 101 co-host of the event), Laurenís friend Tara Tieff, Chillah (the Hot 99.5 co-host), and Laurenís friend Sarah Steinhice.   

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