By Chanz wins preliminary round in Next Big Star contest
Thanks to all of you who voted, By Chanz was one of the winners in the preliminary round/week 2 of Contest 5 in the Next Big Star contest.  During the first six weeks of the contest, six competitors are reduced to four each week.  The lucky four move on to the quarterfinals which occur in weeks 7-10 of the contest.  So in a few weeks By Chanz will enter the quarterfinals against another five competitors who all were winners in a preliminary round, then the top three vote getters will move into the semifinals during weeks 11 and 12.   We will send out another e-mail alert when By Chanz receives notice that their video will again be posted on the Next Big Star web site.  Thanks again for your support and your vote!

By Chanz invited to perform at Reston Festival
On Sunday July 15, 2001 at 1:30 PM, By Chanz will perform at the Reston Festival.  Entertainment organizer, Cheri Edwards, thanked the group for its application and is looking forward to their performance.  Come out and see By Chanz in July! For more information about the festival call 703-471-6405  x 4550

By Chanz Wins Sterling's Battle of the Bands Contest!
On Friday June 29th, from 7:00-11:00 PM, By Chanz competed against seven other bands in the Sterling Community Center's "Battle of the Bands" contest. By Chanz received 248 out of a possible 300 points to win the contest. As the first place winner, By Chanz received a $150.00 gift certificate from Melodee Music and the opportunity to perform at the Sterling Festival in October 2001.

By Chanz performs in Philly
Beginning with the new a cappella song, We are By Chanz, the Ashburn, VA-based teen female vocal group showcased its talent for other musicians and record industry representatives during the Philadelphia Music Conference (PMC) on June 14, 2001 at 12:00 noon.  By Chanz performed other original songs written and recorded by the members of the vocal group including What, What Did I Say?, Beat of Your Heart, and I Can’t Breathe.  They received rousing applause after finishing each song.  PMC provided a huge stage which included a professional light show that occurred during the By Chanz performance. 

A representative from Jive Records wanted to pass on a copy of the group’s CD to his friend and manager of the Backstreet Boys.  And an EPIC/Sony A&R representative requested that a copy of the group’s CD be mailed to him for review. 

After the performance By Chanz hosted a luncheon for record industry representatives.  They met Billy Kahn, the independent representative who discovered Britney Spears and helped to launch her career.  They also met Ralph Easley who promotes an annual gathering and performances by classic R&B vocal groups including the Temptations.  This year the gathering will occur in August at Landsdowne in Leesburg, VA.  Ralph plans to try and secure an opening spot for By Chanz at this important event that will occur in their backyard.

Loudoun Showcase a Smash!
The three members of By Chanz performed for an enthusiastic crowd at the Loudoun Country Day School to raise funds for their showcase at the Philadelphia Music Conference.  Friends and family members came to see the performance and send By Chanz to Philly.  After performing the original songs they intended to perform in Philadelphia, the group sang a few cover tunes and then invited members of the audience to come up on the stage and sing the final song, Britney Spears’  Oops…I Did It Again along with them.

LAX Splash 2001 Performances a Huge Success!
By Chanz
performed four sets at LAX Splash 2001 MD near the famous Sheffield Recording Studios on June 2, 2001 in Phoenix, MD.  Their performances were well attended by teen and pre-teen lacrosse players from the east coast of the US.  To see pictures of the By Chanz performances go to the Photos page.

By Chanz records “Beat of Your Heart” at 21st Street Studios
The three members of By Chanz recorded a new mix of their original song, Beat of Your Heart  at the 21st Street Studios in Northern Virginia on June 9, 2001.  The song was written by By Chanz member Kelley Hagood, her high school chum Cori Harding, and Dennis Balin, a Columbia, MD songwriter. Chris Davis, the guitarist for Glad, an internationally known Christian recording group created the instrumental track and recorded the lead vocals.  He mixed the background vocals recorded at Pearl Studios in Columbia, MD together with the lead vocals and the track with the help of engineer, Kevin Myers.   To see pictures of the recording session go to the Photos page.

By Chanz records “What, What Did I Say?” at 21st Street Studios
The three members of By Chanz recorded their newest original song, What, What Did I Say?, at the 21st Street Studios in Northern Virginia on May 18-19, 2001.  The song was written by By Chanz members Lauren Smallwood and Kelley Hagood.  Smallwood conceived the idea for the song and had jotted down some of the song’s lyrics in her notebook.  She also had an idea for the melody for the song’s hook (i.e., chorus).  Hagood added to Smallwood’s lyrics to create the song’s two verses and also enhanced the chorus.  They were ready to record the song, but Hagood felt the song was missing something, a pre-chorus.  She quickly penned one after the rough instrumental track was created by Chris Davis, the guitarist for Glad, an internationally known Christian recording group.  Then By Chanz recorded the lead and background vocals as well as the rap break with Davis’ help.  Sarah Luhrs, the third member of By Chanz, added several stratospheric rifs which only she could do and also contributed backgrounds to the song’s chorus.  The song was mixed with the help of engineer, Kevin Myers on May 23, 2001.

Hagood Accepted at Numerous Schools of Music
By Chanz founding member, Kelley Hagood, recently learned that she was accepted by several schools of music including the Berklee School of Music in Boston, James Madison University School of Music, Western Oregon University, and Minnesota State University at Moorhead. However, instead of attending a music school Hagood has decided to attend Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) near Nashville as a recording industry major in the College of Mass Communications. "Instead of a music degree, I'll graduate with a degree in business. That should allow me to be taken more seriously by other music industry professionals," said Hagood. "This major allows me to wed my love of music and performing with a good foundation in the music business and an overview of recording industry technology," she said. "I will still be able to perform as part of the Music College ensembles, while taking courses in songwriting, management, music publishing, recording contracts, and A&R. I'll also get some hands on experience behind a recording console. This major should give me the right mix of experience for a long-term career in the music industry," said Hagood. However, she is hoping By Chanz takes off and she can postpone college for a year. "I'd rather be on the road touring with By Chanz," she said.

Clouds Dampen Leesburg Flower Festival Show
Rain showers cut in half the By Chanz show at the Leesburg Flower & Garden Festival on Saturday April 21st
.  After delivering rousing renditions of Mandy Moore’s Candy, Dream’s He Loves You Not, and the Backstreet Boy’s Everybody (Backstreets Back), By Chanz sang original tunes Beat of Your Heart and I Can’t Breathe before the clouds began to pour.  The rain continued throughout the rest of the time allotted for the By Chanz show and the Loudoun Dance Company took the stage after the rain had stopped.

Sully CASA Kids Dance to By Chanz’ Music
Four of the members of By Chanz performed two 40-minute sets for the kids in the Sully Elementary School CASA program on Friday April 20.  By the end of the second song By Chanz had the kids on their feet and dancing to the music of their favorite teen pop stars.  Songs like TLC’s No Scrubs proved to be too contagious for even the most reserved kid to sit still.  During the break between sets, By Chanz had a pizza party with the kids.  A good time was had by all.

By Chanz member Wins Loudoun Arts Council Award
Kelley Hagood, a senior at Broad Run High School, won second place in the vocal category of the Loudoun Arts Council Excellence in the Arts Awards competition.  She performed an original song she had written entitled I Can't Breathe. The judges for the arts council were very impressed with her writing and delivery of the song.   Hagood is the founding member of By Chanz, the teen female vocal group that sings pop music laced with a tinge of R&B.    By Chanz will be performing I Can't Breathe at the Leesburg Flower and Garden Festival on April 21, 2001 at 1:00 PM.  To learn more about Loudoun Arts Council Award click here.

By Chanz Performed to Packed House at the Upper Room of Leesburg
On Saturday March 24th, By Chanz performed to a packed house at the Upper Room of Leesburg.  Overcoming numerous obstacles, By Chanz performed several original songs written by members of the group including Beat of Your Heart and I Can’t Breathe written by Kelley Hagood and Forget About You  written by Amanda Szott.
. Technical difficulties prevented the group from offering a debut of the song, The Way I Feel Tonight written by the talented local pop songwriter, Todd Wright, of the Excentrics.  However, By Chanz will debut this song at the Leesburg Flower & Garden Festival on April 21st.

LAX Girl Tickles Officials' Fancy
By Chanz
recently learned that its first cassette single, LAX Girl was selected as a semi-finalist in The Great American Song Contest.  Released in January 2000, the song tells the story of a girl’s lacrosse game from the player’s perspective.  It captures the passion, intensity and excitement of lacrosse game. LAX Girl was the first song ever recorded about lacrosse.  Selected from over 900 songs submitted, the contest officials or judges said, “ Excellent chorus section—original lyric—solid composition…This song shows wonderful talent and potential.” Last year By Chanz learned that their song, Beat of Your Heart,  written by founding member Kelley Hagood had won an honorable mention award in the Grand Slam Songwriting Contest. Congratulations to By Chanz and their manager!  So far their record is 2-0.
Penned by By Chanz’ manager, LAX Girl was more controversial however among the lacrosse officials’ community. Some questioned the lyrics and whether they promoted good sportsmanship.  There was even a move among some referees and officials to censor the song. To learn more about the song and the controversy it generated click here.

By Chanz Welcomes 2001 at First Night Leesburg
By Chanz performed three shows at First Night Leesburg to help celebrate the new year.  The audiences at the 8:00 and 10:00 PM shows were packed in like sardines.  Adults stood on the sides and at the back of the Loudoun County Board of Education auditorium while teens and children sat on the floor surrounding those who had arrived early and were lucky enough find a chair.  By Chanz shared the venue with the Bill Fox Band and alternated performances every other hour. By Chanz made over 350 new fans as the final minutes of the year 2000 ticked away.

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By Chanz Sends Planet Club Teens into Orbit
Cheering fans greeted By Chanz after each of their performances at The Planet Club, Northern Virginia’s premiere teen nightclub on December 8th and 9th.  Fans loved the familiar cover tunes but seemed to enjoy the original songs even more.  By Chanz performed two original songs, Beat of Your Heart and I Can’t Breathe, written by veteran By Chanz member, Kelley Hagood.  By Chanz also performed a song entitled Someday You’ll Be Mine written by the group’s manager.  Cheers, screams, and rousing applause followed the per
formance of each song.  To read more about The Planet Club performances click hereOn December 9th, the By Chanz performance was followed by another fantastic teen band, known as Random Order. To learn more about The Planet Club, go to their web site at

By Chanz Receives Recognition in National Songwriting Contest
Kelley Hagood and Cori Harding - Teen TunesmithsVeteran By Chanz member, Kelley Hagood, wrote a song entitled Beat of Your Heart which won an honorable mention in the Grand Slam Songwriting Contest sponsored by Music Connection Magazine, a respected LA music magazine that covers the regional music scene.  Hagood wrote the music and lyrics for the chorus and pre-chorus.  He co-writer, Cori Harding, wrote the lyrics for the song’s two versus.  Columbia, MD songwriter-producer, Dennis Balin, contributed the song’s bridge and prepared the musical track.  Congratulations to Kelley, Cori and Dennis!  To learn more about this award-winning song click here.

LAX Girl Tour – Feb through June, 2000
By Chanz
completed a successful tour this past spring and summer of indoor and outdoor sporting venues.  In November of 1999 By Chanz went into the studio and recorded what may be the first song ever about lacrosse (LAX) entitled LAX Girl-LAX World.  The song was engineered and released in January 2000.  Beginning in February 2000 By Chanz took their show on the road where they performed LAX Girl live before over 2,000 lacrosse players and coaches.  They sold several hundred copies of their first cassette single.  LAX Girl was played on the AM radio station WJFK in May and June 2000 by Gordon Boone, the host of the lacrosse show that is broadcast after the Johns Hopkins lacrosse games.

The top two lacrosse web sites, All Lacrosse America and E-Lacrosse both ran a feature story about By Chanz and their first cassette single LAX Girl.  To read these stories go to either or both or, find the search window and type By Chanz.

LAX Girl can be ordered at the CD NOW web site at or it can be ordered directly from By Chanz by mailing a check for $4.95 made payable to By Chanz to:

By Chanz
44084 Saxony Terrace
Ashburn, VA 20147

The Baltimore Sun also featured a story about By Chanz in June 2000.  To read the Sun article [click here].